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Florida Unclaimed Property Search and Recovery Services
by Finder Investigative Services, LLC
How We Find Property Owners

Information About Our Efforts to Locate Unclaimed Property Owners

Letters Mailed By Our Agency​​

Our agency regularly conducts searches in efforts to locate the rightful owners of unclaimed property accounts that are held by the Florida Department of FInancial Services. When we have located a someone we believe is entitled to file a claim for an account, we will often send out a letter to that person to let them know about it.

Other Methods of Unclaimed Property Notification

In addition to mailing letters to possible claimants, we may also try to contact you by phone or in person. Our agency also maintains lists of potential claimants that we are trying to locate regarding unclaimed property accounts they might be entitled to. To find out if we are trying to contact you, please see the lists below.

Unclaimed Property Lists

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